PN 8650


Standard electric water heater combined with

  • High resistant incoloy pipe imported from ltaly.
  • Magnesium insulation imported from US.
  • High quality heating resistant wire imported from France.
  •  Manual Control Instant Heating Type Water Heater
  • Flow Proximity Switch
  • Intelligence Safety Device
  • ELSD Checker
  • Thermostat

Safety by

  • Flow Switch Control controls water flow rate accuratly and rapidly using managetic contact switch
  • Instant Heater makes water heat faster and consistent.
  • Thermostat set protects the event of a higher temperature.
  • Automatically cut off power supply when the temperature exceed 55˚c
  • High Quality Lead Wire, Maximun heat resistance is 105˚c.
  • High Quality ceramic Terminal Block is an insulation and easy to connect in one point.
  • ELSD (Electronic Leakage Safety Device) will automatically cut off power supply in the event of a power leakage of as low as 10 mA in 0.1 second.
  • PCB Control controls system is designed with Low Voltage for safety.
  • All of PCBs were coated by moist resistant of safety


Electric water heater and Accessories

  • Five way semi-pause shower head
  • Shower Hose
  • Sliding rail and Soap dish set